7 Fjell Bryggeri

We are a small craft brewery combining a fundamental passion for great beer with decades of experience from the industry. Our Brewmaster is Norway's grand old man of brewing – and several times Norwegian homebrewing champion – Gahr Smith-Gahrsen. Our goal is to produce classic, yet innovative beer that will put Bergen on the international beer map.

The Brew Master

The Brewmaster

When our Brewmaster Gahr Smith-Gahrsen was nominated by the Norwegian Brewery Association for their ‘Beer Hound of the Year’ award, one of the reasons was his role as one of the founding fathers of the so-called Norwegian Craft Beer Revolution. Gahr has won the Norwegian home-brewing championship on several occasions, has frequently served on expert panels, and is a very popular speaker on the subject of brewing and beer. He is a man truly dedicated to his trade and can talk about it for hours once you get him started.

Inspiration and Methods

Inspiration and Methods

The techniques and ingredients used in England in the 18th and 19th century have been a great source of inspiration for us. We want to respect these traditions, yet still try think in new ways and push the boundaries of brewing further. Our aim is to produce beer that is pure and balanced in taste, while still being innovative and exciting. We want to enable more people to explore the delights of craft beer; sipped on its own or paired with delicious food, enjoyed in solitude or with good friends.

Less mass-production – more taste and passion

Hand-crafted Quality Beer

Our mission is to develop exciting beer of high quality, focusing on richness of taste and complexity combined with excellent drinkability. Popular types like Pale Ale and India Pale Ale will form a natural core to our assortment of beers. In addition we want to do our own takes on classic styles like Brown Ale, Amber Ale, Stout and Barleywine, as well as Sour Ale made in the traditional Belgian Style.

We are also aiming to produce a continually changing selection of exciting seasonal beers, which are bound to include some old classics from the homebrewing days of our Brewmaster.



The City between the Seven Mountains. The Capital of Western Norway. A city where people are patriotic and passionate, and stand out a bit from other Norwegians. Bergen (formerly Bjørgvin) was the capital of Norway from 1217 to 1314 and has a proud history with rich beer traditions. Øvregaten, a fairly short street in the city centre, is said to have had as many as 300 alehouses in the old days. We want to breathe new life into old craft brewing traditions that have largely been forgotten, and put Bergen back on the map as a producer of high quality beer.


7 Fjell Brewery

7 Fjell


Fjellsdalen 5

5155 Bønes, Norway

7 Fjell Brewery

Jens Eikeset

CEO / Co-founder

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7 Fjell Brewery

Gahr Smith-Gahrsen

Head brewer

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